Water the Flowers Within

Every day we have a choice of which seeds we choose to water. In the moment it might not feel important, but it doesn’t take much for either a flower or a weed to take root. If you allow jealousy to be planted, it will try and choke out the love and forgiveness. If you plant forgiveness it will soon overtake the hate. If you plant It isn’t something that happens overnight, but it is an accumulation of small choices.


We Are All Human

It is important to remember that everyone that you encounter is human, that your problems are not always bigger or more important than theirs. We have the power and the opportunity every day to show others that love and kindness exist. 


Love Always

In this time, I have felt that even more deeply. These days feel dreary for a lot of people; waves of uncertainty and anxiety roll in thick like the morning fog. And someday it is hard to muster up the strength to look for the sunshine or to even want to let hope take root.

Yet the beautiful thing is that we aren’t alone in this time, we still have the power to connect and reach out to others. We are not alone, for love always shows up. We can come together and be hope for those who are desperate for any sign of spring. We can still find ways to be love to others even from afar. And that is why I decided to make it my goal to write 100 letters in the month of April- because love always finds a way to show up for others. This month for me that looks like writing handwritten notes and providing some extra encouragement to those who I love or even those who I don’t know.